Thursday, 29 May 2014

New beginnings and a place to call home!

After my short holiday at the start of the year, I came home to learn that I was able to move out to a new place that I could call my own home! I was so excited to hear that my place would be ready for me to move in by late July. But before I am able to move, the house will need some basic renovations (like a splash or paint and new carpeting etc). So the months leading up to the renovations and moving, I have been busy between my university, work, church and home commitments. 

Through the process of choosing the colour schemes and the items I would ultimately like to have, I have to say that I never truly noticed how much it can cost to put things into a house! I know that most of the items that I have purchased are not really budget friendly, but they were items I really loved and valued in a home. AND from experience, if I'm not in love with the items I purchase, it is most likely going to be left untouched and unused. 

Along this journey, I hope to have the opportunity to share and create DIY items that I can also place in this new home! But for now... exams are just around the corner! So I will have to leave it to a basic blog post!

Until next time,


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